Stabilizer Inside IoT Enabled Air-conditioning

This air conditioner delivers the ultimate and efficient air conditioning with smart and energy saving features. Innovation inspired features such as voice control and power chill operation lets you have the utmost convenience.

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Salient Features

Indoor unit quiet operation

Indoor unit quiet operation
Your peace is here to stay with Daikin air conditioners indoor unit quiet operation. It optimises the airflow speed according to low noise level to give an uninterrupted comfort you desire. Switch on your Daikin AC and enjoy peaceful air conditioning experience.

Mobile App Controlled

Mobile App Controlled
Imagine forgetting to change the temperature of your air conditioning system before leaving the house. What in the past would have resulted in wasted energy is no longer a problem with Daikin's mobile app controlled air conditioning systems. With Daikin ACs, you are always in control. Fault conditions can also be detected remotely, allowing a quick response to problems.

Power chill operation

Power chill operation
Cool down your house so fast even when outside temperature is soaring. Daikin's Power Chill operation Cools down 20% faster as compared to normal mode. Power chill ensures room temperature drops rapidly for immediate comfort.

Room Temperature Display at Indoor Unit

Room Temperature Display
We all want that ideal temperature in our air conditioners that just hits the right spot. Setting an ideal temperature for thermal comfort is different in summers and winters. A room temperature display at Indoor Unit shows the room temperature.

Voice controlled with Alexa & Google Home

Voice controlled with Alexa & Google Home
With new Daikin IoT enabled Smart Air Conditioner all you need to do is just integrate your Google Home or Amazon Alexa with your Air conditioner and experience a new way to control your AC.


Model nameIndoor unitFTKR60TV16U
Outdoor unitRKR60TV16U
Power supply1 50Hz 230V
 Power supply intakeOutdoor unit
Cooling capacity Rated Full/Half (min.~max.)kW6.0/3.0 (2.5~6.7)
Cooling capacity Rated Full/Half (Min.~Max.)Btu/h20500/10240 (8500~22900)
Power consumption Rated Full/Half (min.~max.)W1665/580 (580-1665)
Annual Power consumptionkWh989
ISEER / Star RatingWh/Wh4.70 / 5*
Voltage RangeV160-265
Operating currentCoolingA7.4
Indoor unit
Panel colour White
Dimensions HxWxDmm298 x 885 x 229
(Package dimensions)mm375 x 980 x 325
Weight (Gross)kg11(16)
Airflow rate *1 X(Y)m3/min.16.3 (14.8)
Feet3/min (CFM)576(523)
Operation sound H/M/ML/L/SLCoolingdBA47/45/43/40/38
Outdoor unit
Dimensions (H x W x D)mm595 x 845 x 300
(Package dimensions)mm680 x 1035 x 410
Weight (Gross)kg39(47)
Operation sound (H)CoolingdBA56
Breaker sizeA20
Piping lengthCharge-lessm10
Max. lengthm30
Max. heightm20
Piping connectionGas/Liquidmm12.7/ 6.4
Operation limitCoolingoCDB19.4~52

Measurement conditions:

  • Cooling capacity is based on: indoor temp. 27° CDB, 19° CWB; outdoor temp. 35° CDB, piping length 5 m.
  • Sound levels are based on temperature conditions 1. above with 5m piping length. These are anechoic conversion values. These values are normally somewhat higher during actual operation as a result of ambient conditions

Cooling and heating capacities above are rounded off to first decimal. 1TR (Ton of Refrigeration) = ~3.517 kilowatt.

* X(Y) X-Air flow rate during fan operation.
Y-Air flow rate in wet (cooling) condition.

For the complete feature list please refer pages 39 - 40.

Note: Air Conditioner cloud connectivity subscription for one year comes along with the product. Post one year, subscription needs to be renewed by the customer.


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