• Adding fresh air since 1924

    With over 90 years of innovation, Daikin has history of creating global air-conditioning solutions and giving many firsts in the field to the world. And as a global leader, Daikin intends to continue its contributions to society in meeting the expectations of being a global leader.

Global no. 1 with sales over $10 Billion.

Daikin pursues steady growth with innovations and technology. With sales amounting to $10 billion, Daikin has achieved Global No. 1 in air conditioning sales in 2010 - 2012. The company aims to increase its sale to double its business scale in a 5 year period.

Serving you better with 60 worldwide production bases

With over 60 production bases across the world, Daikin adapts and matches the specific needs of local customers. Daikin is known for its promptness and reliability with an after sales service system that backs up its global air conditioning system.

Reaching you with a wide network in over 140 countries

The air conditioning needs can differ from country to country on the basis of weather and in some cases even culture. Daikin understands this and has earned a reputation for excellence as an air conditioning specialist in countries, connecting the globe by catering to the needs of customers with its advanced technology and techniques.

Air Specialists

Daikin is the only company involved in all phases of manufacturing, sales and servicing of wide array of air conditioning products and refrigerants. It has a team of experts who believe in resolving the minutest issues related to air comfort and quality. From heating to cooling to refrigeration and freezing, Daikin has a solution for all.

3 core technologies

Daikin has laid the foundation of the next gen technology with three cutting edge core technologies namely, heat pump, refrigerant control and inverter. It leads the market with innovation and techniques that are continuously enriching the world with air comfort and quality.

Expertise and investment of $300 Million for better air innovation

Daikin serves as the hub of technological innovation in air conditioning segment and brings together the best and the brightest from around the world and provides the latest research and testing facilities. By congregating diverse knowledge and technologies from around the world in one place, Daikin hopes to create an environment that adds new value to the industry.

A growth driven, employee friendly organization

Daikin supports a work environment that offers opportunities nurturing growth and encourage people to work with enthusiasm and purpose. By respecting and acknowledging the various cultures and customs of the world for a growth driven organization, Daikin has made diversity the strength of the company.