Guide to Energy Saving

Stay Cool with Lower Bills

With India's sweltering weather, airconditioners are an essential in most homes and offices. But aircon bills can go sky high at the end of the month. That's why energy efficiency is one of the key factors people look out for when they are hunting for an aircon.

So how do you know how energy efficient an aircon is?

In India, a voluntary energy labeling program was introduced for airconditioners and refrigerators. Certain models of participating brands are affixed with an energy label to provide consumers with information on how energy efficient that particular appliance is. Using an aircon system with Five Stars, compared to one with only one or two Stars, can reduce your electricity bill significantly.

All airconditioners and refrigerators have to be affixed with the energy label under the mandatory energy labeling scheme. With this information, consumers can have a fair basis for comparison.

How to read the Energy Label

Stars Energy Efficiency Rating


2 Fair
3 Good
4 Very Good
5 Excellent

Some Energy Saving Tips

  • Look for Stars Distinction Energy Saving Labels when buying an aircon
  • Regular maintenance and annual servicing of your aircon ensures maximum energy efficiency and performance
  • Choose an inverter over a non-inverter aircon. An inverter intelligently regulates compressor rotation speed frequency to meet specific cooling requirement needs, thus saving energy
  • Close external doors and windows so that cool air does not escape from your office / home.
  • Set your aircon temperature at an optimum level (24°C or higher) where you feel comfortable, not cold