Wall Mounted Type, 3-Star, R-32, FTC Series (Cooling only)

Daikin's 3-star air conditioners have been designed keeping your comfort in mind. Daikin's 3-star air conditioners go beyond just cooling and provide a range of features that create comfortable experience. Its good sleep off timer provides an un-interrupted night's rest by automatic temperature adjustment. Power chill operation quickly maximizes the cooling effect when you need immediate respite from the scorching summer. Coanda airflow spreads the air far & wide in the room providing draftless pleasant air conditioning in the entire room. On top of these unique features Daikin 3-star, the outdoor units heat exchanger fins are processed using a special anti-corrosion treatment. These enhance longevity of Daikin 3-star air conditioners.

Model: FTC42 | Tonnage: 1.2TR
MRP 35700
Price subject to change without prior notification

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