Wall Mounted Type, Inverter, R-32, FTKM Series

FTKM achieves a high COP of 4.35* so that you can enjoy Daikin's air-conditioning experience without having to worry about your electricity bills.

FTKM series of air conditioners come with features like Coanda airflow mode which provide draftless pleasant air-conditioning in the entire room and silver particle anti-bacteria filter that kills bacteria & deodorizes the air, offer all round comfort & well-being.

*For details, please refer to specification table in the product catalogue

Model: FTKM50PRV16 | Tonnage: 1.5TR

Product Lineup

Daikin's FTKM series, that combines inverter technology & next generation R-32 refrigerant, will create an exceptional cooling experience that will beat your summertime blues