Air Cooled Rooftop, R410A, UATYQ Series (Heat Pump)

Model: UATYQ 250/350/450/550/600/700 |
Price subject to change without prior notification


  • Cabinet & Base Construction

    Daikin rooftop is equiped with a solid base foundation and compact cabinet. The weatherproofed electro galvanized mild steel casing is coated with an epoxy polyesterpowder costing for protection against corrosin.

    Forklift slots and rigging hole is provide for better handing purpose. All Daikin rooftop designs were rigorously rain tested at the factory to ensure the water integrity.

  • Flat Top Design

    Unit's flat top designs allow the unit to be stacked up at warehouse or even during transportation, resulting in maximum utilization of warehouse and container space.

  • Insulation

    10mm thickness, fire-resistant polyethylene is used at every possible condensate panel to prevent all forms of water or moisture penetration. polyethylene, which is also a type of closed cell foam insulation (CCF) has offered the following advantages :

    • Durable external surface that resists dirt tough and resilient.
    • Higher degree of puncture resistence when compared to fiberglass.
    • Easily clened surface (if necessary) to further resist microbial growth.
  • Components

    • Expansion Device : Electronic expansions valves.
    • Compressor:Each high efficiency scrool type compressor is hermitically sealed, quiet running and supported on rubber mount to minimize vibration.
    • Indoor Fan :A dynamically balanced forward curved fan with a field changeable pulley package, in order to match the designed supply air requirements.
    • Outdoor Fan :IP54 rated condensor fan motor is being used for UATYQ 250/350/450/550/600/700.
  • Refrigation System

    The UATYQ series are factory charged with zero ozone depleting potential HFC refrigerant, R-410A.

  • Safety Features

    • High pressure and loss of refrigerant prorection.
    • Compressor & motor current overload protection.
    • Sensor fault indication.
    • Minimum compressor's running time to ensure oil return.
    • Phase sequenser is used to detect for any wrong phase and phase loss during installation and operation.
  • Auto-Random Restart

    Whenever unit stop due to power failure during operation unit automatically restarts at last setting condition once the power is resumed. However, the compressors wil restart randomly if more than one unit is installed and share the same phase of power. Option is provided to cancel this future.

  • Microprocessor Unit Controls

    Standard units are equipped with microprocessor controller and every unit is come with a microprocessor operated handset, basic function of these handset are :

    • Mode Selection
    • Temprature Setting
    • Timer (delay timer for SLM3 and real timer for sequential)
    • Error code Display