Installation kits


Jobu: Installation Accessories

Daikin recommended airconditioner installation accessories are available under JOBU brand name. Extremely high quality standards are observed in all items of Jobu.

Copper Pipe & Thermal Insulation

The copper pipes and insulation play an important role in installation of airconditioner. It is therefore very important to use the good quality pipe according to manufacturer specifications.

Any deviation from specifications may lead to any of following problems.

  • Reduced capacity due to less flow of refrigerant
  • Gas leakage from pinched point in due course of time
  • Offensive noise.
  • Drastic reduction in flare life can result in gas leakage
  • Reduced cooling effect
  • Increased load on compressor
  • Water condensation
  • Available in lengths of 4 meter & 15 Meter
  • Thickness of Copper Pipe 0.8 mm for 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" sizes and 1.0 mm for 5/8" & 1/4" sizes
  • Thermal Insulation : New EPDM insulation – Energy efficient, economical, and high strength.