Group Philosophy

Striving to be a group that continuously evolves

  • Create New Value by Anticipating the Future Needs of Customers

    Our mission and the essence of our existence is to identify and realize our customer's future needs and dreams, even those that they themselves may not yet be aware of. We can accomplish this goal by paying careful attention to changes in social trends and conducting extensive marketing to win the hearts and minds of customers. It is essential that we offer customers optimum convenience and comfort that are always one step ahead of our competitors by providing customers with the highest quality products, materials, and services for which we, as a manufacturer, will be absolutely responsible. Moreover, we will continue offering products and services that provide customers with fresh excitement and continued enjoyment.

    We furthermore, believe that these activities are an important source of increased profit and business expansion for the Group.

  • Contribute to Society with World-Leading Technologies

    In any era in any business field, a company can grow and develop only if it possesses world-leading technologies.

    Along with increasing our market share and creating new markets, we must devote ourselves to strengthening our technological foundation since this enables us to continuously launch highly differentiated products, high value-added products, solutions-type products, and products with new applications through which we can make contributions to society.

    While refining our core technologies to a level of dominant superiority, we must also adopt technologies that are cutting-edge as well as of the highest world standard and integrate them with Daikin's own technologies in order to establish the "Daikin Technology" recognized throughout the world.

  • Realize Future Dreams by Maximizing Corporate Value

    We must strive to maximize our corporate value by thoroughly implementing management based on the mandates of capitalist philosophy.

    Enhanced corporate value offers us a greater range of management options, enabling us to realize new growth and making possible the establishment of a stable yet flexible management foundation. Moreover, enhanced corporate value provides increased investment opportunities through which to realize our future dreams.

    Enhanced corporate value unquestionably responds to the expectations held by our shareholders by providing them with stable dividends. It can also benefit other stakeholders not only by providing our customers with leading-edge products and solution made possible through enriched research and development, but also by making contributions to the local communities in which we are based. We firmly believe that enhanced corporate value especially leads to our employees and their families enjoying more stable and fulfilling lives.

  • Think and Act Globally

    Daikin's history has been one of continual global business expansion. As a multinational company group that is substantially expanding its operations in every region of the world, including Japan, we must propose, examine, and then implement strategies and policies from a global point of view.

    Therefore, we aim to systematically foster human resources appropriate to the particular characteristics of each country and region; promote the appointment of local human resources who understand Daikin's philosophy, traditions and culture, and who can play a part in Group management; and promote exchanges of human resources regardless of company or country.

  • Be a Flexible and Dynamic Group

    Flexible Group Harmony

    By thoroughly promoting information sharing and the transfer of know-how throughout the Group, individual Group companies must strive to develop and expand their respective business operations, thereby enabling the entire Group to enjoy synergetic effects.

    The specific roles of Daikin Industries and the individual Group companies are not fixed. These roles can be changed or adapted to flexibly respond to the particular circumstances of the times and the characteristics of the individual Group companies.

    With this as a premise and the Group Philosophy and policies as a base, Group companies must contribute to the development of the entire Group by aligning their visions and enhancing their individual capabilities, while fulfilling their own roles and responsibilities and introducing new proposals.

    Moreover, individual Group companies know best about the conditions particular to each country and region. Based on our fundamental Group policy, each Group company is expected to demonstrate autonomy and flexible action by promoting two-way communication between themselves and Daikin Industries through information sharing about their specific business fronts.

    Build Friendly yet Competitive Relations with Our Business Partners to Achieve Mutual Benefit

    We must build friendly yet tense competitive relations with all our business associates and alliance partners in all areas of management, including research, production, and sales.

    Such relations involve a high degree of trust in which parties motivate each other toward improvement and, from within their own roles, fulfill each other's expectations so that all parties can grow and develop together.

  • Be a Company that Leads in Applying Environmental-Friendly Practices

    As we continue developing our business operations in various fields, it is our mission to proactively develop initiatives to respond to environmental issues. Incorporating environmental initiatives throughout our management must be a priority for us.

    In all aspects of our business operations, including product development, manufacturing and sales, we need to formulate initiatives that sustain and improve the environment.

    Meanwhile, we need to promote the development of new products and the innovation of technologies that will lead to a more environmentally healthy world.

    Under the precept "environmental response is an important management resource," we must integrate environmental initiatives into our corporate management since they can lead to business expansion, improved business performance, and further enhancement of our credibility with outside parties. We intend to continue being a leading company in the practice of "environmental management," thus contributing to a healthier global environment as a good citizen of the earth.